I've already noticed the effect of every milk tea I take, it really gets you easy to go and it helps easier digestion and bowel moves, Good regulation for every tummy :)

It was school day again and my friend asked for a break, so here comes Tea and Symphony another add up for my Cebu Milk tea hop. Tea and Symphony opened last March in Banilad Cebu. I've always noticed this shop every time I make my way to USC-TC for my classes there. I'd like to visit the shop because of the catchy name (it gives me the ideas of harmony, music, and tea of course) :)  So we arrived early noon, with my friend Cessa Zapanta, This gal wouldn't say no to any food adventure I'd tell her. 

As I enter T & S, The warmth of music surprised us, those cool covers of RNB like Price tag, Superbass and I can't remember the rest, was something special with the shop. Usually we can always hear love songs from coffee shops and some milk tea house around. The chairs were comfortable, the place could hold up to 35 people max. The comfy sofas were big but you really can't stretch out in it. Sofa for one facing with another broken up by a coffee/tea table with a green plant in a pot. : D This shop is also painted with white paint and around is pictures with frames of some Tea farmers and special kinds of drinking glasses. 

They also have books and mags to read while you enjoy your drink, they also sell cute earphones for Php100  only.

The menu contained Brewed teas, Fruit teas, Milk Teas, Non tea drinks, Mash up drinks, Snacks and their toppings. They served hot and cold brewed teas hot small for 55, cold medium for 60 and cold large for 70, which consist of Tea and Symphony (their house tea/house mix), Chrysanthemum Pu-er, Wintermelon, Darjeeling, Genmaicha and Sakura as their must try and favorites. You could also adjust the sweetness level of your teas, 100% normal, 75% less, 50% half, 25% mild and 0% HEALTHY :) For toppings they have Aloe vera (fav), Black pearls, Coffee Jelly, Grass jelly (fav), Nata de Coco and Egg pudding (fav) all for Php 15.They also had snacks, Chicken, fish (must try) and tofu for Php 50, in wasabi and salt & pepper flavor.

I had winter melon milk tea for Php 65 with no pearls, (I wanna try it out to be simple so I'll have a better taste of the milk tea itself) 75% in sweetness (Tying my sugar level lower) While Cessa had one of their mash up drinks which is Panda milk tea Php 75, 100% in sweetness (It’s their house tea added with black and white pearls) We also had Chicken in salt &pepper flavor for a count in. 

This is it :) (L) Chicken snack pack- Winter melon- (R) Panda milk tea

Cessa and her Panda milk tea and snacks :)

Yummingfully, The chicken tasted good, I also liked the snack bag of the food. So clean and cute :)

That fried basil was a good add up :) 

The milk teas we had were good, I tasted cessa's panda milk tea and the pearls, and they suit my taste buds. Soon when I go back to Tea and Symphony I'd like to try their Black dragon milk tea, Orange and black tea (fruit tea) and their fish (snacks) in Wasabi flavor.

We also left ours, CESSA COMPLAINED ABOUT THE AC. O.M :(

Tea and Symphony had new add ups for their snacks try them when you pass by T & S

So that was a good day for us (me and cessa) I hope a lot more will come. The good times that we could treasure forever :) 


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Tea and Symphony 
G/F University of Cebu- Banilad
Gov Cuenco Ave. Banilad Cebu City.

Store hours:
Mon to fri- 9:00 AM- 10:00 PM
Sat- 1:00 PM-11:00 PM
Sun- 1:00 PM-10:00PM

Call: 416-1716 or 09225332515



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