Every single day, Life seems to be more complicated and erratic than usual. Arggg, I’ve been so tired these past few days with school, school, and school (kiddin). I'm still doing fine with my milk tea hop, actually I've been comprehending all the milk tea shops I've already visited with each other (Got to see those differences) and I'll do my very very very best to visit them before the "Milk tea trend" becomes "over rated"    

I went off one afternoon (alone again) in Bubble Bee Tea House (Escario branch) for another add up for my CMTH (Cebu Milk tea hop). The place made me comfortable but the groupies that were inside made me uncomfortable (I felt small when I got in to the shop). 

The shop was very colorful, it's like a dream. The place was the cutest place I’ve been. Those pink, orange and green colors were eye catching and jolly. With the base of white, it made the place look big... Those cute little lucky kitties, the counter which was enough, tho they had a lot of stuffs in it it's still so pretty fun and the starlight spot “The Small spiral staircase" (orange in color)

Left- cards, board games-Right-Cute pictures,Stuffs


They had a long wide lounging couch where you could lie down, sit, JUMP! And whatever. Where you could relax and chill for a while (Sorry I haven't documented it) 

These decors made me feel like I'm in a castle like Beauty or somewhat like that.

They have two flat screens that play Music vids 

The menu (It's like a doodle) was colorful and cuuute (This place is full of cute stuffs: D) Price list (For teas) 60-120. They also have hot teas and slushes. 

 I had winter Melon milk tea (This is my favorite flavor) size bubble (small) in size, they also have the queen which is their large size.

Their winter melon milk tea for 95 peeysees that tasted so good, The flavor was really there and the pearls were mushy and sweet. This tasted so good I swear I'll come back for more. Their milk tea comes with pearls so you won't pay for any add up. You know how that milk tea made me happy even if I was alone? I should have bought the queen size cause I really wanted more :( 


They also serve pika-pika or snacks, and crepes (I’ll try their crepes soon) good accompaniments for your milk tea. They also have a lot of wonderful stuffs in their menus and lots of Milk teas and Slushes to try. 

I had a good Milk tea afternoon. Try Bubble bee tea house now :)



Mon-Thurs: 1:30 PM-10:00 PM
Fri-Sat: 1:30 PM- 12:00 Mn
Sun- 1:30Pm-10:00 PM


Main branch- NRA, Mandaue City
SM branch- 2/F SM Northwing, Cebu City
Escario branch- Escario Central, Cebu City 

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