29/52 Chow down at Captain A's Boodle fight!

I think every Cebuano knows what boodle fight is. In my generation today, It's one way to enjoy our food with our love ones or with our friends. Isn't it good to hear that there is a restaurant in Cebu that could offer us this "boodle fight" treat.

The Captain A's Seafood Grill, A Filipino inspired grill house restaurant made and bought this concept to the Cebuano food tables. Uniquely, Captain A's offered the first and one & only boodle fight experience to us. Amaaaaaazing :) 

What is Boodle fight? (For the people who don't really what it is )

~Boodle fight is a military terminology for "eating combat" or "attack food". It originally came from the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) cadets wherein members of the military regardless the rank eat together in one long table where their food is jumbled and spread over banana leaves or newspapers. This way of eating symbolizes their fraternity and equality for each other. ~

I was with Babe for food Justinne Go and Luis Quibranza III to enjoy this treat: D We were handed with this “your guide to the BOODLE FIGHT experience" brochure and I'm sharing what's inside to you food friends.  

What are the different boodle fight meals meals offered at Captain A's Seafood grill.

1. The Battle of Mactan ( Php 1,080.00)
-it's named after the famous battle off the shores of Mactan in 1521 between Lapu-Lapu and Ferdinand Magellan.
-Bagoong rice, Plain rice
-Grilled shrimps
-Grilled Tilapia
-1/2 Chicken Barbeque, Kinilaw nga Tanguige, Beef kare-kare
-Ensaladang mangga with bagoong, Salted egg with tomato

2.Loakan Fiesta ( Php 1,020.00)
-it's named after Loakan, Baguio City, where the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) is located.
-Java rice, Plain rice
-Grilled squid, Grilled pork belly, Steamed crabs
-Grilled clams, Nilasing na hipon, SInigang na Bangus
-Pinakbet, Ensaladang Labanos with Dilis

3.D'Original ( Php 1,240.00)
-As its name suggests, it mostly consist of the original items of food eaten by PMA cadets in a boodle fight.
-Sardines rice, Plain Rice
-Chicken and Pork adobo, Grilled squid, Grilled prawns
-Deep fried crabs, Ensaladang Talong
-Tuna and Crab meat Sisig, grilled tuna Belly
-Salted Egg with Tomato and onion 

4. Sinugba Festival ( Php 1,175.00)
-All the viands that make up this boodle fight meal are grilled.
-Garlic rice, Plain rice
-Inihaw na pork belly, Inihaw na manok
-Inihaw na pusit, Inihaw na bangus, baked Scallops 
-Mongo soup, Inihaw na okra, Inihaw na talong
-Ampalaya with dilis

5. Sinulog Feast ( Php 1,175.00)
-it is named after the well-known annual festivity in Cebu, The Sinulog Festival.
-Puso, Plain rice
-1/2 Lechon, 1/2 Chicken Inasal
-Chorizo barbeque, Danggit
-Hipon with Gata, Nilarang soup
-Fresh tomatoes and Calamansi

6. Birthday Boodle ( Php 1,265.00)
-it is a boodle fight meal especially prepared for birthday celebrations.
-Plain rice, Pancit canton
-Lumpiang shanghai, Pork Barbeque, Chicken leg
-Grilled prawns, Grilled tilapia, Grilled squid
-Sauteed kangkon with Garlic
Clams in corn with malunggay

7. Crab Temptation ( Php 1,499.00)
-This is the newest boodle fight meal that offers a sumptuous array of Steamed crabs that are deliciously irresistible.  

*All the boodle fight meals comes with unlimited plain rice, a platter pf fresh fruits and one(1) round of iced tea (Five glasses).

We actually had this Birthday boodle, 

The food was traditionally Filipino one's, It was good and will really suite the Cebuano taste buds. It was a lot for 5 people I guess. Sorry if I haven't documented the other sets. Captain A's also offer a lot of stuffs in their menu except from the Boodle fight meals, they have wide range of a la carte dishes from appetizers to fish, seafood, pork, chicken and beef. MUST TRY! Kapal muks (deep fried pork head). They also have chicken adobo, creamy pork sisig, Inihaw na tuna belly, Inihaw na pusit, Pork barbeque, and the Hot and spicy fried chicken. 

To have and to try another and adventurous way of enjoying your food, visit Captain A's Seafood Grill now. Because good food, is good to eat with your love ones and funny friends. 

Experience the boodle fight now!

Don Jose Avilla street, Capitol Site. 6000 Cebu city



  1. Nice. I think me and my friends will enjoy this. I am curious about the Sinulog feast. Maybe I'll try it this weekend.

    1. You should, Fun way to experience with your friends. Have a great one :D
      Ciao :D

  2. Let's commence the BOODLE FIGHT EXPERIENCE!

  3. Store hours please?


    1. Mon - Thu: 6:00 am - 2:00 am
      Fri - Sat: 6:00 am - 3:00 am
      Sun: 3:00 pm - 12:00 am


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