30/52 The "Chosun"one


Enjoying a Friday dinner and reunited with my friend iam, we decided to dine at Chosun Chicken in Mango Mall, Mango ave. It's a Korean chicken restaurant which mainly serves Korean fried chicken in assorted flavors. As a chicken kiddo, I admit that Chosun chicken is one of my comfy foods. It's actually in my turf and economic-friendly for my pocket. 

We devoured the chosun chicken flavor; it's their original flavor and best seller 

The juicy and sappy flavor of the chicken delighted my palate and reminded me that there is still peace with a piece of chicken ( Bigfood turned poetic ). The appetizing texture mellowed my taste buds agreeably with the lush taste of the chicken. It was 75 pesos for a Meal set, ( Chicken`your choice of flavor`, rice, pickled radish, Cole slow with dressing and your choice of drink). 

The taste aided the cost of our meal. Which is a cheap get away for chicken lovers like I do. The place has limited space cause it was divided into 6 cubicles (Each cubicle is good for 4-6 people). They have a small counter in front and amiable plus attentive staffs. 

The place is always filled with Koreans and it makes the place clamorous with all the chattering and laughing in each cubicle. But the place still made me full and satisfied. 

Something special about this place:

An automatic button` Call-a-waiter-button` if you need something don't bother to press It: D


One press door opener. Classic techie idea Chosun :)


if you are confound why is this post titled " The Chosun one", because for Big food, The chosun chicken is the chosen one :)

Grab your chicken foodies: D 

Chosun Chicken
2nd floor, One mango mall, Gen Maxilom Ave. Cebu city 6000



  1. Chosun Chicken beats Bonchon any day. Hands down the best Korean fried chicken in Cebu, don't you think? :)

    1. I know right! Chosun is always the best when it comes to fried chicken. And I also wanna give praise to their Ramyun! Just so good, never disappointed when I order one :)


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