34/52 Milk Tea at SPROCKETS!

Hi week 34 and it's intramural's week, after the heavy midterm exams it's time to enjoy our University days! Whoaaa! Pause studying for a while and it's time to bargain Intramural's 2012: D

After my terrible game (I played Badminton to represent our Department) I need to replenish of course. I was heading somewhere near Ayala Center Cebu to pick something and passed by Sprockets cafe + Milk tea cafe and had honeydew milk tea for Php 90  which was kinda "Bug-at sakong bulsa" (A little bit pricey for my pocket) but worth the taste. 

There's this pleasant excitement you can nourish while seeing the artistic interior which valued the owner's interests. The skill and talent fused with food and drinks is another creative way of the owner Rachel Arandilla of spreading ingenuity and coolness to our fellow Cebuano's. Her love for photography is shown in every corner of the place. It's a place where you could have a drink and making your belly full by feeding it with lot's of treats from Sprockets! 

People with the LOMO wall! 

They look cute but they are the menu boards :D

I've always wanted to visit this place after I heard it was opened for the public, but every time I go there, there will always be gatherings and programs held inside so I rather cancel it and move to another place :( But I guess this week is my lucky week hehehehe: D

So my milk tea was 75% in sweetness and the creamy honey dew flavor was sweet but enticing. Over all the dainty smash of my drink was subtle enough for the kid to forget my awful game and relieved me from the bad thoughts that dominated my head for these past few days.  


Classic milk tea series
Assam milk tea
•Jasmine milk tea
•Oolong milk tea

Special milk tea series

•Chocolate milk tea
•Honeydew milk tea•
•Taro milk tea•
•Black coffee milk tea•
•Wintermelon milk tea•
•Strawberry milk tea•
•Patty peppermint milk tea•
•Azuki milk tea•
•Toasted Hazelnut milk tea•
•English toffee milk tea•
•French Vanilla milk tea•
•Butterscotch milk tea•
•Caramel milk tea•
•Avocado milk tea•

BUDGET! 80.00-110.00 Philippine money Ü

Note to taste: They serve American dishes, Pizzas, Sandwiches and Soul foods

Sprockets Cafe 
J. Block Apitong St.. 6000 Cebu City 
Open every Monday to Sunday 11:00 AM- 10:00 PM

Mobile: 09228867477
Email: sprocketscebu@gmail.com
FACEBOOK  http://www.facebook.com/sprocketscafe
TWITTER    https://twitter.com/sprocketscafe

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