35/52 HEART TEA!

Milk tea folk here’s another Milk tea place to taste (Not to eat the shop, Just taste their milk tea, ha). Just around I.T park there's a stall that stands just beside KK "Krispy Kreme" (This was the trend before milk tea stood out) and in front of Body and Sole named Heart Tea Milk tea 

It was so pink and a real head turner. It was a corner of joy inside the vicinity of "Call center people". It's like a take out counter for Milk tea addicts! 

So without the second thought (you know how I love milk teas) I had one small cup of Wintermelon milk tea (Which is their best seller) that cost 50.00 Philippine money (cheap milk tea here!) and added tapioca pearls for 10.00 Philippine money Ü

They only have two crews available and I kinda waited for a while for my Milk tea then eventually people who also wanted to have milk tea flooded around the stall and it made "That awkward moment that you are alone" Nyahahaha XD

Their Wintermelon milk tea was awesomely good and consider the affordable price. But there was this good sharp tea flavor that gets the upper hand of the flavor but with the easier kick. Overall it was still pleasing (Am I over reacting or what?)  :D They also write your name cutely accompanied with a heart ♥ 

Heart milk tea placed some chairs and tables for their clientele to settle down while taking pleasure from their milk teas Ü


•Wintermelon Milk tea
•Strawberry Milk tea
•Tapioca Milk tea
•Mesona Milk tea
•Coffee Konjac
•Plain Milk tea


•Coffee Konjac
•Popping Lychee
•Poppig Yogurt 

BUDGET! 50.00-80.00 Philippine money Ü

Note to Taste: They also have Fruit flavored teas (Black or Green), Fruit Juices, Heathtea Drinks and Coffee tea

Heart Tea Milk tea 
i1 Bldg. I.T Park Cebu City
Open every Monday to Saturday 8:00 AM to 2:00 AM 

Email: frank_oliva2004@yahoo.com


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