36/52 TEA SERVE!

 Hey Milk tea loves! It's week thirty-six and our University days are officially over now ( I'm imparting you as if I have avid readers that really follow and check me out regularly) :p back to school reality again back to being that poor loser kid in school *KIDDING*. 

Your milk tea baby spotted another milk tea store just around the center! Listen up, serving your desired cooling teas, TEA SERVE get a hand in serving your milk tea wants and milk tea needs :) In One Mango Avenue back of money changer, beside Mr. Coffee and alongside Zubuchon you can locate Tea serve there! This milk tea store began to operate last February 2012 which means that Tea serve is one of the lasting milk tea shops in Cebu.

Surprisingly, tea serve is the closest and most available milk tea shop around my turf, but I haven't even mentioned or even wrote a review about it. I'm having a hard time of deciding what to feature for the weekly post for my blog, indeed I've been wanting to feature another restaurant cause a friend of mine mentioned that "I'm so much into milk teas and they don't seem to like them". So I guess, i'll make "that" swift for a while :) 

Back to Tea serve, It's not the "The closed door type cafe" but the "Stall type and sit around while you enjoy your tea". Some chairs settles around and they provided mini screen to view while fancying your milk teas :)   

I was with Jillian Reyes one of my "Compatriots" in school to enjoy milk tea with the cooling rain. I had Butter scotch milk tea and Jillian had Honey dew milk tea. I wished to have Caramel milk tea that day but they ran out of stock so I get stick with Butter scotch which was a bit identical in flavor of Caramel.

I really loved their Pearls, they were small and sweet and delightful and su-du piquant. The liquid part was really good too, Jillian's thought of the candy-like, bubblegum-like flavor satisfied her craving for milk tea. The succulent flavor appeased me and gave comfort to me. 


•Classic milk tea
•Jasmine Green 
Ceylon Black
 •Earl Grey
•Dark Chocolate
•Choco Peppermint
•Honey Dew
•Butter Scotch 


•Tapioca pearls
•Nata de Coco
•Green Apple Nata
•Green Tea Jelly
•Grass Jelly
•Perilla Seeds
•Rock salt + cheese
•Aloe vera
•Multi-color Konjac
•Caramel Konjac Jelly
•Coffe Jelly

BUDGET! 65.00-100.00 Philippine money Ü

Note to Taste: They also have Fruit teas 

Tea Serve Cafe 
One Mango Avenue 
back of money changer, beside Mr. Coffee alongside of Zubuchon 
Open Every Monday to Sunday 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Phone: 0922 686 1756

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