37/52 it's CHATIME!

For the past weeks, I've bought out more milk tea shops (like 4 straight posts bout it) and I guess my body just got used to have at least a cup of Tea or milk tea every week. Most of my friends especially my "compatriots"/ POWERPUFF Buddies (Jillian and Natasha) kept on bugging me out like "Why on earth I like milk tea" and "That milk tea thing of yours has become a bit monotonous". I don't know how to react, can I just tell them that  "Dude, without milk teas it's dreary and somber" Will these words be enough to describe a good life with milk teas than having an ordinary cold bottled tea drink made from water, sugar, small amount of tea and food coloring? Does it make a sense now? Ha, 

So let's go back to the milk tea thing before I become a sober. After a heavenly lunch at Matias in A.S Fortuna we abscond to Chatime in I.T park with my compatriots Jillian & Natasha and some of our friends in school Farley and Deandre. Me, Jillian and Natasha concurred with having a drink while the two guys seemed outrageously at odds of the "Milk tea" idea of mine. 

So this is the place! 

I fell in love with the interior which was enchanting and cheer :) The charming ambiance didn't fail to amuse me, the glowing colors of Purple and pink entertained my eyes. 

My friends (Jillian's not here) ! <3

Line for the counter

That day, Chatime was loaded with people and we had a hard time looking for a place to plunge in to. But after a while, we did found one :) 

I rewarded myself with QQ Milk Tea with Tapioca pears and coconut jelly (85), while Jillian had Chatime chocolate mousse with pudding (95).

There was nothing special about the liquid part of my drink, it was wealthy in tea and milk flavor which was enough and harmonize. I enjoyed my drink and in fairness, I loved their soft and sweet pearls plus the coconut jelly.  Of course one thought to masticate is that "I'm having Milk tea from Chatime so, it should be great!" 


"Please pick up your order at the pick up counter when I light up and buzz" 



•Chatime Roasted Milk tea
•Brown Rice Green Milk tea 
•Oolong Milk tea
•Chatime Milk tea
•Jasmine Green Milk tea
•Banana Milk tea
•Lychee Milk tea
•Pearl Milk tea
•Taro Milk tea
•Strawberry Chocolate Milk tea
•Strawberry Milk tea
•Red Bean Milk tea
•Matcha Red Bean Milk tea
•Grass Jelly Milk tea
•QQ Milk tea
Taro pudding Milk tea

BUDGET! 50.00-110.00 Philippine money Ü


Note to taste: They also have, Snacks, Coffee and Hot drinks, Fresh teas, Chatime Special mix,QQ Jelly,Energetic Healthy juices, Oriental pop teas,  

You can also adjust so smile :) 



eBloc2, I.T park 
(Beside Army Navy)

TWITTER:  @chatimePH

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