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38/52 Sam's 50's Diner

Finding my pace in a 50's diner seems to create a color to my ache for food. That nostalgic feeling you felt stepping inside and everything turns out like "is this 1950's?" The experience seems to be really really really awesome. 

With my chum (again) Minnie, we were welcomed by the cool ambiance of the place, the red and white paint that rules the place. The comfty big sofa's, tables and cute chairs. It was the usual diner with the order counter and they give you the waiting number and look for a place to settle down while waiting for your food. The place could sit around 50 people.  

The place was full of 50's music and portraits of some popular artist, actresses and musicians of 1950's. I was longing for good dinner from school so we directly ordered one before my belly starts to grumble. Hehehe

The chairs, and tables and the interior amazed me :D

Bar! Bar! Bar!

They offer the usual diner foods like burgers with fries, Philly cheese steak, hotdogs and chicken but in a lower cost. We had sizzling steak with egg for 85.00 pesos, chocolate milk shake for 95.00 pesos and their burger with fries for 50.00 pesos

 They assembled their sizzling burger steak with a very as in very creamy mushroom base sauce (i find that more creamy than mushroomy hehe) which was different but cream for burger steaks is not just my thing, I prefer to have the peppery gravy one which would really bring out the flavor of the burger steak. But the patty itself was full of taste but not that 'tender' and I felt like i was chewing a rubbery substance inside my mouth. But my friend always go back to have sizzling burger steak, she loved it that way tho. :)

This milk shake was also her favorite; they don't use the powder flavoring for this. So expect it to be good :)

For 50.00 pesos? This is big huh, I had this one for my second dish, which I expected the patty to turn out the same with my sizzling burger steak that was full of flavor (I loved how it taste!) but wasn't that tender and it didn't suit my preference (hope owners will do something about it, or their burgers and patty's will go to waste, SORRY!) 

So that was my night in Sam's 50's Diner: D *BURP


BUDGET! 30.00-130.00 Philippine Money Ü
(Per dish)

hey chum! enjoying your food ha,

Minnie Grace Llaguno and ME :D

Note to taste: They also have, Spaghetti, Bibimbap, Pizza's, Crispy chicken, fresh fruit shakes, beer, coffee, and desserts. 


Sam's 50's Diner
Larrazabal St., Cebu city
G/F ESL CDU bldg. 
(Beside Cebu Doctors University)
Open every Monday-Sunday 9:00 AM-10:00 PM



  1. Thank you for going to Sam's 50's Diner! We appreciate your comments!!! We will surely do something about the gravy and the patties. We are constantly striving to make our customers happy. :-) Love your Blog!

  2. Hi Sandra! :) Thanks for droppin by :) I really love your place, hope I can go back there and try your other stuffs :) Sorry for the comments tho. ;) Thanks for bringing up Sam's 50's diner :) Gracias!

    My food adventures are your food adventures too! :)

  3. Hi! This is Paolo Berdin, and I'm Sam's best friend. I used to manage the diner before I left for an internship in another part of the world, but I still like to check up on the place since I had so much fun while I was there. Thank you for your comments!

    Our patties weren't rubbery until we changed our beef suppliers. Now we get our beef from where we originally used to buy it, so the burger patties should be much better now.

    Thanks again! :) (you should try the bibimbap as well, it's my personal favorite haha)

  4. Hi Paolo! Oh i see, I liked the taste of the patty tho,T'was full of flavor :) Thanks for droppin by pao! I'l try it out next time :))

  5. We also have a new food in our menu.. you should try our Baby back ribs and the cheese sticks and watch out for our new items.. thank you very much

    1. SOOOONNNN!!! If makabalik ko there :) Thanks for droppin by NJ :))))

  6. I've been there last Sunday around 9pm and it's CLOSED. Do you have any contact numbers? Appreciate your reply. Salamat.

    1. I don't have any. But just remember the store hours, they close at 9Pm :)

    2. Thank you so much for the swift reply. Nice blog. Excited much to eat on this diner.

    3. No problemo :) Thank you so muuuuch for droppin by. Enjoy eating at Sam's ^.^

  7. Always wanted to check out this place but it turns out they are closed on Sundays but it's still on my list. :) How was the food there?

    1. It was good and very affordable. You should drop by the weekdays, they are open to serve you! (their target people is the students by the school nearby) Hehe.


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