39/52 Pop's Chick n'steak

Whenever you are hungry or you are not in your house where do you prefer to eat?  To a place which could offer good food in an expensive way (restaurants) or to a place which is cheap but not really that fulfilling and sometimes you can't just expect to enjoy the food considering the cleanliness of the surrounding and the way the food is prepared (Lutong Bahay or "Carenderias") or to a fast food which is considered fast but unhealthy if its taken all the time. It's time for some people to know what they are eating and acknowledge the choices of the places they could enjoy and feed their belly with gratifying food in reasonable prices. 

So Pop's chick n'steak opened another branch in Robinsons Fuente Osmeña which has wider menu than the branch in Talamban across USC-TC. Now they have varieties of snacks and dishes suitable for students and families that are good for sharing.

  I was with Ate Lutherese and Mar's Legarde for the food shoot for the latest menu of Pop’s and the kid won't let this slip away, I love eating, and Eating is my job :) 

Let's start with the available pasta's at pops. We had Creamy Carboanara (120.00Php) and Meaty Bolognese (120.00Php). Both are arranged with sliced bread and good for sharing :) 

For appetizers, they have Mozzarella cheese stick (70.00Php), French fries (60.00Php), Cheesy bacon fries (90.00Php), Lil pop's `Homemade chicken nuggets` (95.00Php), Onion strings (90.00Php)  

For entrees, I can't forget how the Cheesy tonkatsu (130.00Php) embarked an enticing and flavorful reaction after I had the first bite. With the cheese and gravy it was delectable. It comes with unlimited gravy so gravy people like me would love this dish.

 The Pork belly (120.00Php) with rice was also supreme, kinda sweet with the grilled smell unleashed the hungry meeee :) 

 They also have pork steak (140.00Php) T-bone pork grilled served with gravy and rice/fries.

The Angus beef steak 

More entrees are, Chicken steak with fries (140.00Php), Chicken tenders in honey mustard (120.00Php), Lemon chicken rice bowl (120.00Php), Sizzling burger steak (120.00Php) Cordon bleu (140.00Php) 

Burgers and Sandwiches are likely in Pop's! You'll just have to choose what you would have for that meal :) 

Pop's cheese burger (95.00Php) Beef patty + cheese+ lettuce + Tomato + Onion + fries=
Happy belly :) 

Pop's double cheese burger (120.00Php)

And the monster burger  (190.00Php) which is extra extra ectra big with bacon in it is a great big meal for a hungry buddy out there.

The patty was tender with the fine flavor. Crisp on the side and just juicy inside, these dishes was commendable and suffice.

Special festive sandwiches are also available, all are served with fries.
 The grilled cheese sandwich (75.00Php) and the Grilled chicken Ciabatta sandwich (110.00Php) with lettuce, tomato and onion tops in my list for you to try guys. 

`Ciabatta is the special type of bread they used for the sandwiches except for the grilled cheese sandwich`

Grilled chicken ciabatta sandwich

Grilled cheese sandwich
For the people who adore tuna, they have Tuna Ciabatta sandwich (110.00Php) with tuna spread, lettuce, tomato and served with fries. 

For luscious shakes, Mango, Avocado and Chocolate flavors are available, 85.00Php each :) 


~These were the dishes we had for that day, but they have desserts like fluffy Oreos (70.00Php), Choco turon (60.00Php), Choco roll (37.00Php), Blueberry Pie ala mode (80.00Php), Peach mango pie ala mode (80.00Php) and Brownie ala mode (90.00Php)

The blueberry pie and the peach mango pie ala mode seems to be interesting I'd like to try em' soon :) 


Note to taste: They also have FOOD FOR SHARING! Half Korean style fried chicken (300.00Php), Original Fried Chicken (220.00Php), Chop and chix sizzler  
( 230.00Php), Picky platter (220.00Php). BUDGET MEALS! (With rice and iced tea) Wings meal `5 pieces wings` (110.00Php), Pop's chicken meal (95.00Php), Chick n steal meal ` one burger steak+wings` (120.00Php), Chicken n' pasta `1pc chicken and spaghetti` (130.00Php)


Pop's chick n' steak
G/F Robinsons Fuente Osmeña
(near Sbarro, Across Rai rai ken)

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My food adventures are your food adventures too!
(excuse me ^.^) 

NOTE: Out of business. 

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