43/52 Small happy days with Cupcakes

My appetite for cupcakes seems to bother my sleep at night remembering the day my mom told me that she bought herself a "Red Velvet Cupcake" to satisfy her guilt and craving for the said food creature.

"Are you kidding me?" Mom replied "Lami man diay! (It was yummy indeed!)" I was speechless and thought of the cupcake.

Over thinking, I remembered the cupcakes from Leonas my friends bought last semester for three lovely teachers that helped us in school. Just simple gifts for these cool teachers during the celebration of World teacher’s day.  

( L-R `Cookies and cream ` Red Velvet ` Apple Cinnamon)  

My mind was shut, and now writing this 'sweet stuff" I srsly! As in, seriously craving for some. 

Soon I'll have one ;) *Pokerface


Leona's Cakes and Pastries
• Near UC Banilad
•Mabolo Cebu city
•SM Nothwing Cebu


My food adventures are your food adventures too!
(excuse me ^.^) 

Ciao ♥
Joyceren Miyah Genobaña.

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