Emika Sangu

Emika Sangu17, Japanese-Filipino, Artistic, Pretty, Young model, Modest, Kind and affectionate. 

There could be a lot of words I could possibly use to describe this young lady. Very  optimistic, brave, She's so outspoken and beautiful in her own little ways. She could give colors to other people's lives. I can't recall how I got to know her, But she's a very good friend of mine. Emi's leaving for Japan on May 31st, too sad I haven't seen her for months now, that makes me sad :/ I miss her. 

One of the things you could admire about Emika is the talent of of crafting and designing that she possesses. She is good in it, I swear. She did customize one of my shoes before actually I'm still using them today, Emika is also a photographer and Photo blogger too. 

I always say to myself that I'll be that someone who could give myself a good worth, This girl Emika, lived a very good life despite of the people who left her, I admire her, she stayed strong and continued to be herself, she didn't give up, she risked things and lived happy with her friends and her loving mom. 

Emi, God bless to you and your family. Just keep on doing what you love to do. Never give up, God has already set good plans for you, never fade and never forget. Thank God for everything and I wish you all the best. I love you Emi <3


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