44/52 Bubble Tea Station!

One afternoon from school last semester, I came to drop by Banilad town center to have milk tea from Bubble Tea StationTwas exam week so hell yeah! I need to study for it. The cup of wintermelon milk tea from BTS made me happy and unleashed the bad vibes (you know the feeling of exams -.-)

Bubble tea station kiosk
The bubble tea kiosk is found right by the main entrance of BTC (Banilad Town Center) you can just order and bring your milk tea around while looking for stuffs to buy around the mall. They also settled chairs by the side for you to sit down while waiting for the time to pass by while enjoying your milk tea. 

As I said above  I had their wintermelon milk tea which was good, one of the best I should say. The price was reasonable and the taste was excellent. I had it with egg pudding that it made it more sweeter (I forgot to adjust then sugar level) 

Luckily! Some people from Zee Lifestyle Cebu and the owner of Bubble tea Station Meyan Lim Young was there. Had a lil conversation with the owner and after introducing myself, she gave me a treat from her Asian food stall The "Small Eats" found outside BTC (right wing, beside potato corner)  which is a stall that could offer shabu-shabu to go and some Asian street foods! :) She handed me this Seafood Tofu drizzled with sweet and sour sauce that made me salivate and I was really ready to attack it :)) It was a healthy snack, #tofu

The Seafood tofu was so good, I enjoyed it with my milk tea. You can also order in Bubble tea if you want some of these treats, theyll serve it with your milk tea ;) 



Bubble tea Station
Banilad town center Cebu
Open everyday 10AM-8PM

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Have a great Milk tea day at Bubble tea station Ü

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