Buddies ••• Building Bonds!

In the kind of world we have today, we sometimes need a break for everything and clear that cluttered mind am I right? :) A haven of food where you could get some good time with your friends while enjoying your lust of the comfort foods you're looking for around is now in the Metro. Dragging my mother one night, we headed to Buddies for somekind of  lil kid-and-mother good bonding time while having mouthwatering dishes from Buddies! :)

Full-packed buddies!

For a handful starter, we had their Nachos which filled my mouth a big smile! :) *yey* The Nachos was so exciting to try and tho my mother didn't love Nachos like I do, she owed a try cause she had no choice :P


I had their delightful sizzling burger steak *My personal favorite at Buddies and worth your try! :)* completed my warmth of missing this dish ever since the day Iv'e tried it first at their Talamban Branch with Justinne Go of Babe For Food. This able-bodied dish will satisfy your hunger (and i guess you'll want more!) cause it's already a complete meal! :) The gravy was to die for, just the best! I love this dish and I adore how smooth and awfully the gravy and the patty went well with each other :D

Sizzling Burger steak

Mom as a newbie at Buddies, she had the Buddy burger,

Buddy Burger

She loved the patty's consistency as of the Burger Steak, she loved the flavor and how tender It was. For me, it wasn't bad tho, serving was good for the price but they should have added more mayo, I will always enjoy some smokey and sweet things go together (thats how weird I am)

Buddies Burger Challenge

Luckily that night just after I took our orders, Iv'e witnessed with my two big eyes Randy Sia conquering the Buddies Ultimate Burger Challenge. Sadly, He needs more 10secs for victory. He tried it because it was payday and also, his curiosity brought him to the challenge. Hmmm, great thing! Congratulations Randy! Eventho you didn't make it. Still, hehe :)

Thank you Randy for this :) Heeee ~.~

Building Bonds

Come to think of it, Why Buddies? After that meeting(before) at Talamban Branch where I had a boost of their dishes, we met the owners and knew a hint of the story. Buddies was the name because Buddies Burger is owned and managed by three Buddies! JP Chiongbian, Blake Go and Niño Bascon. They work while building bonds, it means friendship ;)


For a happy belly,

Buddy Burger- 89.00 Php
Nachos- 85.00 Php
Burger Steak- 85.00 Php

Talamban Branch
-Piazza Elesia, Talamban Cebu City, 6000 

Escario Branch
-Green Orchid Complex, N. Escario Capitol Site, Cebu City, 6000

Open daily, 11:00 AM- 10:00PM

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BuddiesBurgers
Twitter: https://twitter.com/buddies_ph


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