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Summer is just around the block (I really hope the weather makes you feel that way) and we all know your kids (if you already have some) gets unoccupied on vacation time and you end up seeing your kid slumped on your couch  in front of the Television doing nothing (such a slouch!). You parents should know that summer time bores your child out and they just became so rusty, ineffective and forget everything about their past lessons and tend to be empty (if you get what I'm saying). Here it goes, this may not be food /"adventure-time" related post but Talenzville Learning Avenue can help you promote creativity and stimulate your child's imagination through self boosting and talent enhancing activities that push them to be and to do what they enjoy the most.

1 Peter 4:10 says "Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms" 

Talenz is Anglo-Norman for Talents, while 'ville' is French word for city or town. After all, we considered it as the city of Talents :)

Talenzville offers variety of courses that could get the best out from your kid, from dancing to singing, acting and shining the little stars from your kids. Talenzville is a helping hand for every kid cause I really believe that everyone has his/her talent you just have to let it out from his/her soul and they say its better to develop your talent while you are still young.

Join Talenzville this Summer! Summer classes are from April 3- May 4, 2013.

Early bird promo begins TODAY until March 17, 2013. Regular enrollment starts on March 18 until the first week of class on April 2013. Please call immediately to book your little one the summer lesson that she/he desires :)

For more information please feel free to call:  09228131869, 09328655408

Check their Facebook page for more updates! http://www.facebook.com/talenzvillelearningavenue


"It's hard for many to imagine, but having fun, feeding your passions, and engaging your talents are simple steps that will take you to the bigger answers you seek." 
Jonathan H. Ellerby 


  1. Wow! Perfect for Parents who want to have their kids to be productive this summer. :)

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    1. Of course! :) Thanks for droppin by. Spread the word to every parent LOL ^_^


  2. What a nice post! Summer enrichment programs for kids are always a good idea! I absolutely love your blog! Specially the photos because they are so informative. So detailed that I really enjoyed browsing your blog. I followed you on GFC! Hoping you can come by mine too :) Thank you for this post! I can't wait to read more of your posts. More power to you!

    Your new follower,

    PS. Angelo Falconi and Pond's are giving away fabulous products! I would love it if you could check it out too! HUGS!

    1. Hey! Hopefully! Kids would enjoy these enrichment and wonderful activities made for them :) Thank you for droppin by, this comment made me smile :D Hehehe. Power to you and your blog too!!! :) Keep bloglovin :)

      Food and Love
      JM Genobaña


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