Manggahan •••Opo pinoy style!

I always smile when I think about Mikey Bustos and his parody of the song "Oppa Gangam style" Which is the "Opo Pinoy style". (click this to see the video!) This inspired me to say (always as possible) that I should be a proud Filipino! And obviously, I got the title for this post from my closest friend Mikey Bustos (Feeling close! Nyahahaha) Hi Mikey! :)))))) 

But this post is not really about my friend, its indeed about a new place here in Cebu called Manggahan. This is the best place for you and your friends or your family to unwind and have good food in reasonable prices. Designed with elegant and idealistic furniture's, the overall joy and feast brought by the place is worth every centavo. The idea of the name was taken from the big Mango tree at the back of the restaurant.  (~Manggahan in Cebuano means, where mango trees are grown)

Manggahan specializes in Cebuano cuisine and some more exotic stuffs that I know you yourself wants to try. To start,. have you ever tried or heard about the "crocodile sisig"?? Sounds unlikely true but yeah, they can serve you one. This is quite a swift from the regular pork, chicken and Bangus sisig, you should bring the brave foodie inside of you to try this one.

The dish was not actually as "gross" as you think, it just tasted like the pork sisig (just get the thought that its crocodile and you would surely enjoy this one) it was made special because it was topped with chicharon which added texture and flavor to the dish.

Nothing special remarks to the Deep Fried Hito or Fried Catfish but to their "Hito Mania" which you could enjoy at least 4 ways to make Hito special on your table. I salute you! (You could enjoy your Hito's with Tausi, in Ginataan, Adobo and Deep fried)

Hmm, as each dish was served on our table, I got an eye to this dish...

Is this Pochero? or what? Hahaha, then after being that curious I read the menu of Manggahan, it was sizzling Pochero, Cool! How could they get the soup? Its the best part of Pochero but artistically, the idea was extremely rare and a thing to be remembered.

But, why would you go to Manggahan if you can find these dishes anywhere in Cebu?? Not really bragging out but i'll state one reason why you should check out  Manggahan, its a  place in Cebu where you could enjoy "Pinoy-style Yakiniku"! Isn't that much enjoyable to cook your food on your own preferences? Cooking it with your own hands and enjoying each dish with the ones you love? Sounds so perfect and delicious :3

Manggahan settled tabletop grills along with a built-in exhaust to keep the place smoke free (cause you don't really wanna smell and stink like a grilled human being. ha, :P)

~Available to grill items are Tinae sa Manok, Pork Barbecue, Skinless Chorizo, Chicken skin, Batikon sa Manok, Atay sa Manok, Longganiza, Bontog, Chicken Barbecue, Lechon manok Bisaya. 

You can also enjoy awesome drinks, liquor and cocktail at rock bottom prices, with cocktails beginning at 48 Php and BEER BELOW ZERO for only 35 Php per bottle.

So I guess, this is the end... Uhmmm wait, This Turon ni Tatang was one of the "sosyal" turon I've tried. Oh Boy! I never liked ice cream that much but this time I appreciated how both of them collided and matched with each other. 


For a happy belly,

Crocodile Sisig- 168.00 Php
Deep Fried Hito- 158.00 Php
Sizzling Pochero- 148.00 Php
Tinae sa Manok (1 set minimum of 8 sticks) 6.00 Php/ stick
Chicken Skin- (1 set minimum of 6 sticks) 7.00 Php/ stick
Longaniza- (1 set minimum of 4 sticks) 10.00 Php/ stick
Skinless chorizo- (1 set minimum of 5 sticks) 7.00 Php
Turon ni Tatang- 88.00 Php


A place that never rests to give you the rest what you need. 
Wilson St. Apas Lahug Cebu city. 
(Near Cafe Laguna, Camp Lapu Lapu) 

Open daily!
Serves you 5AM-3AM

Like them on Facebook for updates! :) 



  1. Wow! New place to dine in! :) Thanks for sharing.

    I like their logo.

    View more Graphic Designer jobs in Cebu :)

  2. Crocodile sisig sounds exotic! Very interesting restaurant, kind of like Japanese yakiniku with Filipino style bbq at cheap prices too. Seems worth checking out! Thanks for this. :)

    1. Twas! You should bring your friends when you come along ;)


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