Break the Silence Run: Stop Deaf Child Sexual Abuse

Gualandi Volunteer Service Programme, Inc (GVSP) continues its mission for the deaf community to live in a deaf-inclusive society. Established in 2005, the non-stock, non-profit organization has been working with volunteers in projects for and with the deaf community.

Deaf children and women are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. In a study conducted by the Philippine Deaf Resource Center, it was revealed that 65-70% of deaf boys and girls are being molested. The large amount of cases continues to rise and remain concealed. However, the deaf community receives little attention if not ignored at all.

In an effort to raise awareness on putting a stop on the increasing number of cases of sexual abuse to deaf children and women, the 5-year program Break the Silence Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Network Project was started by GVSP under the guidance of Stairway Foundation, Inc. It focuses on abuse prevention, identification and response and advocacy both to the hearing and deaf community through different projects set in agencies, schools and communities.

The sense of urgency on this issue also paved the way in the organization of a run for a cause event by GVSP entitled Break the Silence Run: Stop Deaf Child Sexual Abuse. It is set to happen on April 21, 2013, Sunday, 5:30 AM at Ayala Center Cebu Terraces, Cebu Business Park. There will be four categories: the regular 4K, 8K and 16K and a separate category for Persons with Disabilities (wheelchair, blind and deaf). Registration centers will be available at RUNNR Ayala every Wednesday and Friday from 1PM to 8PM. Registration fee costs 350 pesos and is inclusive of singlet and snacks. Person with Disabilities (PWD) and students’ registration fee is at 280 pesos each. Proceeds of the event will be used in establishing a sustainable deaf-child sexual abuse prevention program as well as strengthening and equipping the organization’s existing and future volunteers.

Through awareness and advocacy, participants of the cause, whether hearing or deaf, are expected to be of great help in ending deaf child and women sexual abuse.

Break the Silence Run is in partnership with JCI Metro Cebu Uptown, 
VSO Bahaginan-ICS, RUNNR, Ayala Center Cebu and the Cebu City Government, RCTV, 

For more information and interested sponsors, contact GVSP through 
or through the following numbers: 0917 701 4700, 0916 440 5480 or Telefax at 032 260 40 43.

#5 Emerald Street, St. Michael Village, Banilad Cebu City, 6000 Philippines
TeleFax No. +63 (32) 416 7381
SEC: CN200526006
TIN: 250-949-807

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