LBC pilots TXT Remit services in Cebu

Since the 80's LBC has been serving the Filipino households and until now they are still continuing to develop better ways to offer convenience to the people.

LBC Remit Express, one of the country's key players in the remittance industry, is introducing TXT Remit, then company's newest and most convenient product which will allow Filipinos to send and receive money at the speed of a text message.

To be launched first in Cebu, the breakthrough service bridges the challenges of geographical location when transferring and claiming remittances. With this service, customers can instantly send and receive money anytime, anywhere in the Philippines via SMS.

"With TXT Remit, our customers will enjoy an increased level of service in terms of convenience, speed and reliability. The remittance process is now easier and faster just like sending a text message. We choose Cebu to pilot the service because of its dynamic remittance environment which is smaller and easier to monitor. Eventually, we will expand the service to other areas in the Philippines," says Achilles Reyes, VP of LBC Money.

The service improves the remittance experience of Filipino senders and recipients by taking advantage of their familiarity in text messaging and using stored value prepaid cards. For senders, they can send money securely anytime, anywhere with their mobile phone using a prepaid card, avoiding a trip to initiate a transaction. On the other hand, recipients can easily encash the amount received in any LBC branch nationwide.

Upon purchase, lightly scratch the back of the card to reveal the PIN which remitters can send via SMS using syntax LBC<space>TRIPP<space><your remit card no>/<your PIN> to 2910. The service will then promptly reply with tracking number and PIN which the sender can forward to the recipients so they can receive confirmation of the remitted amount.

In order to encash the remittance, the recipient must provide a valid ID and fill up an LBC encashment form along with the tracking number and PIN.

With TXT Remit, Filipinos in Cebu and soon, all over the Philippines - can experience faster and more convenient remittances through LBC branches nationwide.

For more information on TXT Remit and other services, please contact the customer hotline at 1-800-10-858-5999 or visit

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