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As the 2nd most common cancer among Filipino women today, CERVICAL CANCER is a big harm for every strong woman. Our mothers, sisters, girlfriends and even every single lady  deserves to know how to protect her own-self from it. In Cebu, She Matters A Cervical Cancer Foundation Inc established in 2010 gives awareness to both Men and Women about Cervical cancer.  

Next to Breast Cancer, Cervical cancer is caused by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). HPV 16 and 18 infection is the cause and smoking has also been linked to the development of Cervical cancer. Due to misconceptions nobody wants to talk much about the disease and considering the "Pinoy Mentality" ' I don't want to go to the doctor, they might see something'... look at this point, everyone's just afraid, scared and ignorant.

There are no so-called early symptoms for Cervical cancer, signs would relatively  appear when the cancer is at it's advanced stage. It is sexually transmitted, MEN passes it on WOMEN through sexual intercourse without even knowing that they have it. Plus, there is no HPV test for men. Having a Pap smear for women is an effective way to ensure your cervix is healthy and its a step for early detection of Cervical changes underneath. 

Vaccination And Prevention

Two types of available vaccines are Gardasil and Cervarix, HPV vaccines are typically given to women ages 9-25 years old as the vaccine is only effective before the infection occurs. The use of Condoms may offer some protection against cervical cancer. Lastly, maintaining a good and healthy body (exercise and nutrition) is one key in protecting yourself from the disease. Every woman is at risk, rich or poor, Cervical chooses no one. Be safe be aware be knowledgeable. 

About She Matters

She matters, is a non-profitable organization founded by Emee Aquino (not related to Kris Aquino or any other Aquino's) whose 41- year old sister died in 2008 because of Cervical Cancer. Forming groups and visiting schools, establishments and gathering the media for free lectures about the infectious disease, that's the aim of the group. If you are willing to share information and awareness to others you can invite them to do a lecture to you guys you can visit their website, you can also email them at and phone them at 0922. 817.3218---- 316-3699

I support Cervical cancer awareness! 

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