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Hi Foodieeees! it's been a while, I was lost to look for a life beyond my blog for the whole summer, but I just lost the days and the post are out on top of one another. I needed a break, a lot of em. I'm back to school for my third year in college, tough one eh, but sincerely I'd like to apologize for leaving all the stuffs behind. I'm back to the "sharing job" again. 

I visited Fudge, hundreds of days ago with the fellas I always go with. I know you have these kinds of friends that will always go with you wherever you want as long as they have the means. I didn't have the means this time, but a good friend treated me (Oh God, thanks for the Angels you've sent to feed me when I'm broke.) at Fudge!. I always wanted to visit fudge after I heard about the "Dessert Buffet" every holiday season. Only Fudge offers that in Cebu, and only once a year sometime soon for me maybe. 

So my inevitable wishes for some desserts are finally on my reach, when we arrived I assured myself that I will (and my co,.) enjoy the food Grrr, a lot of thoughts were rumbling inside my head by the time we stepped in "I had the instincts."-

The coziness of the place warmth the excitement , it stripped the excitement when the "evils of deliciousness" were served.

Starting the luscious crime, Friend number one had their Lava cake with Vanilla Ice cream which was the special prod of this shop. Cautiously hot and sexy, (you have to wait for twenty five precious minutes before it is served to you) The oozing of the lava cake was lustful I was excited to try! really!

Choco lava cake

The dishes we had were all chocolate based sweets, damn these Devils are trying to destroy my diet. I've actually been on a diet for two weeks but to be honest I only lost two weeks not in pounds. Darn I should be better -_- We also had the Tre color, Chocolate Macaroon and Ice cream cake.

Tre Color

Chocolate Macaroon

Ice cream cake

The Tre color was the sweetest, Tre color is a layer of White, Milk and Dark chocolate. I only had a little of it because it was so sweet, I might not enjoy the other stuffs. The Chocolate Macaroon was okay, slightly sweet but beautiful, tho I'm not that fan of Macaroons.The Ice cream cake was surprisingly good, vanilla ice cream with layers of chocolate and more chocolate. Presentation wise and very tempting, I had to deal with the person who ordered this one. He likes ice cream that much, the foodie goes with the smooth flow. :)

Fudge was a bliss, I indeed enjoy all the stuffs we had and the restaurant staffs were okay tho its was a little crowded Saturday afternoon they accommodated as well. Thanks Fudge! :)

Soon if the dessert buffet at Fudge comes back, I will not let the opportunity  slip away again, no not this time again! :P

Fudge Restaurant
888 A.S Fortuna St..

Mon-Thu: 10:00 AM- 10:00 PM
Fri-Sat: 10:00 AM- 12:00 PM
Sun 10:00 AM- 10:00 PM

Call for reservations: 416- 1727
like them on Facebook for updates: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fudge-Restaurant/131552172809

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