Wishlist of a foodie

I have been that random girl, the girl of billions of things and the kind of girl who also have billions of wishes. Hi Santa, if you could read this post (even if its not yet Christmas season, consider this as my advance wishlist and yeah a late birthday wishlist :P) both my blog and I have been living so good together :) maybe you could grant some of our wishes? :) 

What else would a food blogger want? Hope someone could send me these stuffs, hehahehah

1. A Canon Powershot N.

Source:  http://www.digitallife.gr

I want to capture food memories in a handy yet smart way, the features of Canon Powershot-N blowed my mind away. Everything about this camera is smooth, with the direct connection, you can upload your pictures to different social networking sites using the camera itself, transferring your pictures from the memory card to the computer has always been that "demanding" to us bloggers. This 12.1 mega pixel camera will surely amaze the eyes of hungry food blog readers, clearer and magnificent pictures on blog posts will definitely make you more hungry. It also makes full HD videos! So what else would I wish for? :P 

2. Skechers Go run shoes. 

Source:  http://www.believeintherun.com

I love to jog around to burn the extra calories I gain after a food event or even after feasting with my family and my friends. I' naturally do sports, but not everything (no one can do everything!!) and all my life, I never had a good pair of running shoes, my life's is sad :( After reading a post from  http://www.believeintherun.com I started yearning for a pair. 

"Dear Skechers community, a pair would be a superlative, genius, supreme and perfect gift for a fat foodie like me. Haha hope you'll hear my request. :) From a loving food blogger who wishes to jog around with a Go run shoes. "

3. Cherry Mobile Omega HD. 2. 

Surce:  http://www.semicurrent.com

I'm not that techie, to tell you honestly I don't really update my Instragram account because I don't own an Android phone. But I do share some of my food adventures on FB so yeah you could also check them out sometime. 

What makes this phone so unique to me that it made a food blogger wish for one? 

Big. My words have fallen back after reading reviews about this phone, everything is massive man! The screen gives you excellent views of everything. Everything gets big, it's enchanting to see things in larger scale. 

12-Mega pixel BSA Camera. 

Scratch Resistant Please click the video below to witness the strength

"To Cherry mobile Phil, Hello and mabuhay! I know you know what I mean :P  :)" 

4. To visit the best food places. 

Each food blogger wishes this. Who agrees? :) I aim to know more about Cebu by how the food industry runs. I've been a fan of eating, I'm having serious fun when I'm eating. My words may not contemplate how I feel right now thinking of the best food places to eat but my heart and mind believes that I could reach my food dreams. I promise to workout everything from now on and be more productive! P.S I would love if you feed me :) 

"To all the restaurant owners in Cebu, I would be the happiest creature in the whole-wideyyy-universe if you'd ask me to sit down with you to eat, talk and have food fun. Sending you the greatest glory and please continue offering good food in my Hometown. :)" 

My Tasteful Life will be turning two in November, crossing my fingers for my wishlist and swearing to give my whole heart in taking part of sharing my food (mis)adventures to you all. 


Wrapping you all with sweet words. L.O.V.E :* 
MTL ^_^


  1. Been wanting to make a wishlit blog.

    1. You should make one! hahaha! And lets hope..Hahaha

    2. HAHAHA! I know exactly what you mean. :P


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