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As a girl who always had the "I'm-Always-hungry" motto, comfort foods had been my helping hand and panic friends. I guess It's best to stay on the safe side, competing with your emotions is a hard battle. Thanks to Big Flat Bread they're now in Cebu baby! Just three words baby, BIG, FLAT, BREAD, damn they're pizzas baby I love Pizzas Baby (I guess the "baby" is quite over rated). Well, I was invited to the Media launch, thanks to my friend Justinne Go of Babe For Food and this is a very late post I'm so sorry ( I know ur reading this BFF! Sorry). :(

Big Flat bread began in Cagayan de Oro in 2009 in Limketkai Mall then immediately gained popularity and quickly grew more branches in Cagayan do Oro, Palawan, Butuan and now in Cebu. Located at The Ridges Mabolo beside Sykes,

Big Flat bread offers variety of comfort foods that are not just delicious but pocket friendly meals. Big flat bread gives a special treat to their thin crust pizzas cause they are baked in a brick oven. Their pizzas comes in choices of two sauces, the tomato sauce or the white sauce. Big Flat bread pizzas are served in three sizes, the big (12"), bigger (18") and the biggest (30"). They don't only have big pizzas, their menu is said literally BIG too.

Thanks to Angeli Bas of Foodiecraft for holding this upright and still for me. :)

I arrived nearly late, as usual but the event didn't start yet so I had the time to settle myself down and 'socialize' with the people from the online Media. Some Nachos with Dips were already laid when I sat down, the Nachos were accompanied with Cheese and Tomato dips. I prefer and advice the cheese dip compared to the tomato dip, I don't know how weird I am but the saltiness and creaminess of the cheese rolls me over. :P

The tender Buffalo wings was the darling of everything, the sauce was just sweet and spicy and tangy all together threw boosting flavors to me. I liked how tender and delectable this chicken dish was and with it's Garlic Ranch dip, witweew this precious pea nailed everything. See how an "unhealthy" eater I am -_-

Their Chicken and Spudsters (or their version of Mojos) were supplied next to our tables, the chicken was fried to supremacy so tender and succulent, this ones my favorite too (I have severe love for Chicken, swear!). The Spudsters plus the gravy were secretly calling me on, yeah I know I just have to stop myself a piece is enough for me, you should also consider how deadly these so-called-angels are. Hahaha

For a banquet of food bloggers and media people we deservvvvveeee an enormous dish to fill our hungry bellies, then and there two biggest (30") pizzas were laid in front of us. Oh Man! They're 30" and not 1 but 2 thirty inches maaaan! Big Flat Bread is really Big and Flat, BFB is not kidding. :P

Four flavors were joined and balanced in one thin pizza crust and hope you could see how the ingredients are generously feasting on the pizza crust.

CLOCKWISE starting at 6pm: Southern Chicken with BBQ sauce( with the brown drizzled sauce), Knickerbocker, Beef Salpicao,  and the Hawaiian 

The Hawaiian and the Knickerbocker hit the girl's heart who had big love for pizzas. So whatcya waiting for?

Another Divine pizza. (said with a big Grin :3) 
One of the most special features of Big Flat Bread is their "create you own pizza" this is the ones we had above (choice for the 30" pizza) prices will depend on the number of variantsbeginning at 1,350P for two flavors to 1.550P for four flavors.

And if you want to gather your friends and family for an awesome Birthday celebration of your puppy, I mean you and your puppy, BFB also offers set meals good for 12-15 heads for only 2,500P which includes 2 bigger pizzas, 3 pasta platters, 1 basket big Hot fried chicken and 2 pitchers of Big Flat coolers/ soft drinks. BFB also offers a perfect match for your pizzas, beer below zero! Only at 35P each :)

But if you prefer a little you and me time with your love one, rice and pasta meals are served your way prices ranges from 88P-148P. I hope you'll be satisfied with their Carbonara I loved that one too! :) Enjoy your moments with great food plus your good company anyways BFB will be open to serve you! :)

Big Flat Bread Cebu

A place for everyone
The Ridges, Mabolo beside Sykes (near Offroads cafe)

For deliveries and reservations, call,

032 422 7107 or 0917 401 8004

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Big Flat Bread Cebu

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