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I have a gigantic love for sweets, my affection always goes to chocolates, cupcakes and cakes of course. but recently, I've been "into" cinnamon (sprinkling them on wheat bread before toasting them) and cinnamon buns (I love the ones from Casilda's, mommy brings a piece for me every time she pass by Casilda's.) And then, the story of how "Cinnamony" and "the girl of billion things" met started because of Facebook. I was on the said social web when my former teacher posted a picture of beautiful Cinnamon rolls. I was blown away (Witweew!) I searched them on the net and boom I have now a box of Cinnamon rolls from Cinnamony

Cinnamony cinnamon rolls and buns are blissfully and personally made by a full time mother of two Kria Roleda. She herself is a big fan of Cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon, but there's no Cinnabon in Cebu (sad sad sad :/) so she decided to dash it up herself, now Cinnamon rolls are in reach by every Cebuano. She started sharing her cinnamon rolls to the public last May 2013 at Rustans supermarket Banawa Cebu, but now Cinnamony is already situated in BTC Cebu every Saturday's and Sunday's. 

I feel delighted and special of course, Kria gave me a box of her Cinnamon rolls to try (I feel special! yay!!) She handed me 3 flavors, The Classic Cinnamon, The Apple Caramel Sticky buns, and the Chocolate Chip. 

The Classic Cinnamon.

With it's perfectly sweetened dough, the match of the Cinnamon was absolute. The cream cheese frosting made it more divine (a mix of cream cheese, butter and icing sugar) The classic cinnamon was superb and yeah I guess this is the answer for the search of "everything nice" :)

The Chocolate Chip roll.

Among the three, this was the sweetest, it is comparable to a chocolate chip cookie but instead, you are having it in a cinnamon bun. The company of nuts and chocolate chips made it scrumptious, just "fit for a king". The nuts gave a richer flavor and aroma to the cinnamon roll, I like how chewy it is in the mouth it'l surely give you delirious thoughts of it's deliciousness. For the "sweet-toothed" kids out there, it's time to go crazy for chocolate chip rolls! :) 

The Apple Caramel Sticky Buns.

The chewy apple chunks made me happy, I'm a big fan of apples but caramelized apples sounds better. Then added into the cinnamon buns??, Oh boy, the toothsome combination rolled me over!! ^_^ naaaahhhh the apple caramel sticky buns just released the dessert devil inside of me. I enjoyed it too much that I wanted more, I won't have anything to worry though, Cinnamony is within my reach :) Thanks Cinnamony! :)

Note by the foodie:

The most exquisite and luscious part of every cinnamon rolls from Cinnamony is in the center. Dive it down there to experience. No need to be careful, just enjoy every bite! It's a good partner for coffee too and your love one on the other side of the table of course!! :) Cinnamony cinnamon rolls are made from fresh quality ingredients, "Hindi tinipid!" (Not thrifty) 

Due to excitement, I didn't have the courage to stop myself for a bite. 

♥Cinnamon rolls by Cinnamony 
you can mix and match all the flavors they have: Classic cinnamon rolls, Apple caramel sticky buns, Chocolate chip cookie rolls, Choco orange rolls, Chelsea buns and Blueberry lemon rolls. AND HAIL YEAH! MORE FLAVORS TO COME! :) Dear Boyfriends out there, share this to your girlfriends okaaay? A box would be a great and literally a sweet gift :P   

300p box of 9 (assorted)
200p box of 6 (assorted

All for the love of Cinnamon rolls. 

For orders call: 0917-316-3583 or (032) 406-3726
Facebook: Cinnamony


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