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I came to a two-story cupcake store  with all the longings for a Red Velvet cupcake ( I'm not contented with the ones I make at home) My love for cupcakes and sweet stuffs had demanded me to look for a good one, I should follow my soul, it might leave me someday If I can't grant anything it likes. Cupcaken situated somewhere in Banawa (a road called R. Duterte Street) a place where I don't always find my pace in, but luckily I arrived there with complete body parts. :) 

I was flabbergasted with the number of cupcakes on display that welcomed me, Oh Boy, there's like10++ of each kind and there's approximately 10 flavors available right there. My brain was flying all over the place, the place was spacious and big for a coffee/cupcake shop (I guess the owners invested much for this) 


That's a lot man!! I wish I could try each piece of those little angels! :( :( :( 
Boxes for their cupcakes :)

Maybe that corner would be nice :)


Cupcaken, fancies comfortableness and indulgence to their patrons while having their cupcakes so they fixed comfortable couches. Hmm, Yess! Couches  I love couches!! :) 

The Cupcakes. 

I came here for the Red velvet so I picked that one and the cookies and cream for my company. 

Red Velvet. 

The cake itself was good, moist and the sweetness was just enough, but the cream cheese frosting was I guess too sweet, that made the whole thing superb of sweetness.  

Cookies and cream

The loved this one, the cake too was moist and soft and the cookies and cream frosting was light and made the whole thing gorgeous and enticing. :)

Maybe, Cupcaken deserves my "I shall return" segue.


For a happy tooth.

"Red Velvet"- 55.00 P
"Cookies and Cream"- 55.00 P

R. Duterte St., Banawa, Cebu City,
(Beside Nuat Thai)
Ride 12L from Ayala or 07B, 07D
near Metro Gaisano in Colon

Open Monday to Saturday
2:00 pm - 12:00 pm

Cash √
Take outs √
Parking √

Call for reservations and orders
Tel # 032-479-9466

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